What to do if Unemployment Hits

And the word of the Lord came unto him saying: get thee hence and turn thee eastward and hide thyself by the brook Cherith that is before Jordan. And it shall be that thou shall drink of the brook: and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there. So he went and did according unto the word of the Lord…..and it came to pass after a while that the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land-1 Kings 17:2-5,7

If your brook dries up

A brook is a place where God placed you. God may have led you there by his word, by his power or by his divine guidance. A brook is a place of still waters, a place where you are sustained. It could be a job or a business from where you were making a living. What you must realize is that God is the one who always leads people to their brook. As stated in Psalms 23, when the Lord the shepherd leads you, you never lack anything. He leads you beside still waters-the brook. And as revealed in the beginning bible text; Elijah the prophet was directed to the brook Cherith by the word of the Lord. The word of the Lord is one major way by which he leads. Many were led to their brook by divine guidance though they didn’t even know it.

In the midst of a depressed economy Elijah was supernaturally sustained. Ravens brought him bread morning and night and he drank of the brook. But suddenly the brook dried up. Somehow a young man or woman that has been enjoying a well paying job is suddenly laid off. A once thriving business suddenly experiences a downturn. Elijah in his own case waited for the word of the Lord again. The word of the Lord is God’s instructions from heaven.

Now if unemployment hits or you experience a business downturn know that its time to sit down with God to hear his word to you personally. Be attentive, listen in the spirit. Now retrace your steps, what things did you do before you got that job? Those who get breakthroughs again and again are spiritually vigilante. Elijah knew that he was directed to the brook in the first place by the word of the Lord. So when the brook dried up he did not go away hastily or begin to bind and loose demons; he waited for the word of the Lord again. In your own case maybe you prayed intensely, made a lot of moves talking with people, submitting CV’s, went for more training to acquire more skills, attended business seminars etc.

There was a time I experienced such a thing, I sat down to reflect and wrote down all the things I did that brought me the initial breakthrough; I remembered that I spent time serving in my local Church, I took whatever job I could lay my hands on at that time to keep my family going knowing that God hates idleness, even as I was praying. Then I raised an altar of sacrifice; this means I released some precious material possession into God’s work, and I waited while speaking God’s word over my life constantly. The breakthrough came unexpectedly and I was elevated to a higher and a better paying job to the glory of God!

In waiting for God’s next leadings don’t expect him to do it exactly the way he did it the first time; like for example Elijah waiting to be directed to another brook ‘Lerith’. But God did a new thing this time around. I see him do the same for you in Jesus name! God has a thousand and one solutions to your challenge. He said; ‘behold I do a new thing’-Isaiah 43:19. Elijah this time was directed to a poor widow that was about to eat her last meal and lie down to die in hopelessness, she and her son. God again wanted to prove to Elijah that the ravens that brought him bread at the brook was not his source. They were just a channel of blessings. In the same way your job or business is just a channel. God is your inexhaustible source. God may lead you to a most unlikely job or business and as you obey him there he would make you become great! God rewards obedience, he blesses steps of obedience. You may be thinking of how to get another job or bring your business back to life but God is thinking how to bring you to a place of massive financial breakthrough which others will benefit from.

So in a time of economic downturn or unemployment, know that God maybe ushering you into a new season; for the old must stop for the new to begin (see Hebrews 10:9). This is not the time to panic. Sit down and recollect the good steps you took before. Know that you are not trusting in men or looking unto them but unto God the word for that is where your help come from (see Psalm 121). He did it before and he shall do it again. Year 2017 is your season to enjoy mind boggling, ear tingling breakthroughs! Shalom!


About Joshua Idemudia-silva

Joshua Idemudia-Silva is a Student, Practitioner and Teacher of Triumphant Faith. Pastor of Believers' Goodland Ministries (Home of blessings) Benin City. He also writes Christian fantasy novels with the aim of teaching and revealing the many-sided wisdom of Christ Jesus for living the excellent life by storytelling. His non-fiction books also bring illumination into the hearts of lovers of God and seekers of his timeless wisdom and truths needed for realizing their highest potential in any of their chosen fields of life or calling. His other website is http://www.successmotivationonline.blogspot.com He has digital books published on www.smashwords.com and also as amazon kindle books Email: joshuaidemudiasilva@gmail.com
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