How to Come Out of Confusion

‘God is not the author of confusion but of peace’-1 Corinthians 14:33

Confusion is the opposite of understanding. To be confused means to be perplexed, not knowing what to do or the right steps to take per time. Confusion results in indecision, motionlessness, making blunders and stagnation. Confusion is of satan the devil; for God is not the author of confusion but of peace. Fear and confusion go hand in hand, for where one is the other could be found. Confusion results in disillusionment. It is a state of mind caused by partial paralysis of the mind. It is a negative spirit sent from the pit of hell to render destinies impotent. Confusion is caused by either one, some or all of the following:

-A lack of direction

-A lack of vision

-A prolonged deliberate refusal to make a decision on pressing issues

-Constantly revisiting issues in the mind after decisions have been taken concerning them.

The number one step in eliminating confusion is to eliminate fear. The fear of whatever you are afraid of must be eliminated. It could be fear of failure either in business ventures, academic pursuits, marriage or the fear of failing if you make a kind of move. Some people fear mockery, some cannot speak or express themselves for fear of making mistakes. You eliminate this kind of fear by becoming convinced that there is a higher being who loves you and is always ready to help you. You must bring yourself to trust always in this God. The character of God is that he is ever faithful, ever present, always trustworthy and will never flee and leave his sheep (you) stranded anytime. Then in addition to this attitude of trust; know that you are human and no human being is entirely free from failings and shortcomings.

In life, there is a natural phenomenon known as falling. This most times provokes laughter from onlookers. Laughter is an involuntary emotional reaction to a funny situation. So you too should learn to laugh even at yourself sometimes; even God the almighty laughs (see Psalm 2:4). Sometimes it is not that great people do not fall or make mistakes, it is just that they quickly take themselves up if they do so (see Proverbs 24:16). I have discovered that when you laugh at times it helps you replace in your mind the negative emotions of fear with courage and hope. And if there is no fear in your mind there cannot be confusion. Then your self-confidence stemming from your trust in God becomes a background for God to send you understanding always. For it is the inspiration of the almighty that gives understanding. Don’t take life too seriously. People who do so are rarely free from depression, anguish, frustrations and depression. You shall not be confused in Jesus name!

Also folks who think that their achievement in life is by their own strength may find themselves in great confusion if some calamity happen to befall them which beats that strength they trusted in all along. You are what you are by God’s grace. This was the mindset of the man Job that’s why he was never confused despite  satan brought him down to zero from such a lofty height in life; he was the greatest man from the orient in his days! If you acknowledge the fact always that you are what you are by God’s grace then in case the unpalatable happens, God’s grace is always sufficient for you. As you read this page, you are liberated from the plague of confusion in Jesus name! In the name of Jesus, the power of the Most High God helps you to take up your true sound mind status in Christ Jesus now, and so shall it be in Jesus name!

So in taking steps forward in life, always tell yourself as you do so, “I shall not see shame in Jesus name or “I shall come out successful and victorious in Jesus name’ And God shall make it happen for you so. And in case you do not have a personal relationship with the Lord scroll to the top of this webpage and click on ‘meet with Christ’. Go through the instructions there. Stay always blessed and on top of every situation. Shalom!


About Joshua Idemudia-silva

Joshua Idemudia-Silva is a Student, Practitioner and Teacher of Triumphant Faith. Pastor of Believers' Goodland Ministries (Home of blessings) Benin City. He also writes Christian fantasy novels with the aim of teaching and revealing the many-sided wisdom of Christ Jesus for living the excellent life by storytelling. His non-fiction books also bring illumination into the hearts of lovers of God and seekers of his timeless wisdom and truths needed for realizing their highest potential in any of their chosen fields of life or calling. His other website is He has digital books published on and also as amazon kindle books Email:
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