Reverting Negative Reports

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it our elders obtained a good report”-Hebrews 11:1-2

The main reason the elders embraced the faith of God in Christ Jesus is for the purpose of reverting negative reports. Faith is the greatest force in the universe by which all who would sincerely take hold of it ultimately obtains a good report. No negative report is a final verdict with a man of faith. A doctor’s report showing that cancer or any other so called deadly disease is in someone’s body is not final; it can be changed but this depends entirely on the faith of the person concerned.

The negative report once spread around Nazareth where Jesus grew up; that Jesus was crucified and buried. But three days later that report was changed; it was reverted to ‘Jesus has risen from the dead’. Jesus is the starter and the finisher of this our faith. he demonstrated that the power of faith is limitless. Death is meant to be the end of story for any man, but not so with the man whose heart is faith-filled. With Christ in you, no matter the loss you may have encountered it could be restored.

I took time to study the dictionary meaning of the word ‘obtain’. I saw that it meant getting something by your effort. That’s why the scripture says to us to fight the good fight of faith; Satan showing you an x-ray of a diseased organ, and you standing on the word of God to declare an emphatic ‘No! for the scriptures says himself took my infirmities; if he took the disease then I don’t have it!’ as you maintain this belief in your heart and declare it boldly with your mouth without wavering, you definitely will obtain a new organ. By your faith you will purchase a brand new organ for yourself from heaven’s store house of spare human body parts. Faith looks too simple to be real or true especially to men who are worldly wise. This is the simplicity by which God confounds the wise.

Remember the story of the woman who had the issue of blood for several years (see Mark 5:25-34). I am sure she initially thought that her money would purchase for her the healing she needed. But the physicians of her day ate up all her money and she then realized that she would die without divine intervention. She settled down to look around and saw healing for free flowing through the garment of the Messiah just around her neighbourhood. She knew that she needed a different currency to purchase this healing; the currency of faith. she had such huge faith that she didn’t even bother to seek for prayer from the Master. She understood the two steps needed; believe first in your heart that what you desire to get from God is possible now, speak and then take steps of faith. She simply touched the helm of the garment of Jesus and took her healing. Mind you, many others were rubbing themselves against the Master but were getting nothing from it because they were not doing it in faith. The Master called her out to show to us what great possibilities are ours for the taking by applying faith.

Friends, don’t get me wrong, I am not against medicines or medical science but God ultimately is the healer; he is the one who gives conception to the barren or unfruitful. You won’t miss your own in Jesus name! Amen. It is not enough to just pray, you must pray the prayer of faith; for it is the prayer of faith that brings a good report and saves.

This faith I am talking about is not just positive thinking. It is belonging to the kingdom of light. You must receive Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour first after genuine repentance. You can do so now by scrolling up this webpage and click on ‘Meet With Christ’ then follow the instructions there. Shalom


About Joshua Idemudia-silva

Joshua Idemudia-Silva is a Student, Practitioner and Teacher of Triumphant Faith. Pastor of Believers' Goodland Ministries (Home of blessings) Benin City. He also writes Christian fantasy novels with the aim of teaching and revealing the many-sided wisdom of Christ Jesus for living the excellent life by storytelling. His non-fiction books also bring illumination into the hearts of lovers of God and seekers of his timeless wisdom and truths needed for realizing their highest potential in any of their chosen fields of life or calling. His other website is He has digital books published on and also as amazon kindle books Email:
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