Eternity in Your Heart

“I have seen the travail which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it. He hath made everything beautiful in his time: also he hath set eternity in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God does from beginning to the end”-Ecclesiastes 3:10-11

Every man has a spirit and a soul. And this is what is called the heart or the inner being of man. The body is more or less like clothing to house this inner man of the heart (see 1 Peter 3:4). You are not necessarily your external body. The real you is your hidden man of the heart. And that is who God sees when he looks at you. That’s why you see people who can see themselves the way God sees them accomplish great things which people never thought they could do because they rate them based on how they look externally.

In the bible text above what many may never understand all their life time here on earth is that eternity or what some call the great beyond is placed in the heart of every man by God. Some King James Bible may read thus; ‘he has set the world in their heart’. Eternity is the real world because that is where God’s throne is. In that world flesh and blood cannot go there. That’s why Jesus said flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven. At death the hidden man of the heart and the physical body are separated and the man fully enters the spirit world or eternity. In the spirit world there all kinds of spirits how do I know this, John the beloved writes in 1John 4:1 saying ‘beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God..’ agreed that they are all God’s creatures but they belong to the region of the damned also made by God and not to God’s kingdom. And this is the point I am driving at; that man’s separation from his physical body does not automatically guarantee him straight entrance into God’s kingdom, heaven or world.

God set eternity in the heart of every man so that everyman can decide for himself here where he or she will spend eternity or the life without ending. Here on the earth Jesus the risen King of kings and the Lord of lords, the one who God has already commissioned to be the judge of the living and the dead is present because all power has been given to him in heaven and the earth. And also Satan who planned a failed palace coup in heaven and was cast down here by God temporarily is also here; him and his fallen angels called demons. These are all spirit beings. Satan was already here even before the first man came; Adam who fell from grace by disobeying God. Adam sinned and men began to die. And that is why God the Father had to send the second Adam Jesus, born of a virgin. He paid the ultimate price for man’s redemption or freedom from sin and eternal damnation which Satan deceitfully placed man.

Jesus had the power to defend himself if he had wanted to, and in the first place he was not even guilty of the offence he was accused of. But he knew that his pure blood was the last hope for mankind. And as a sheep led to the slaughter for the offence of other silly goats he bore the torture, excruciating pains and agonizing death of the cross. By this action he opened the door wide for man to choose with his own heart decision to enter into God’s eternal world or to join Satan in eternal damnation. Just as Jesus said just before he ascended into heaven: ‘Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned’-Mark 16:16-17.

Friend, know this that of all the days you are going to spend on earth here as you depart you’ll join the company of those who you decided for. That is why the earth is referred to as the valley of decision (see Joel 3:13-14). And those who did not decide for Jesus automatically have decided for Satan. Repent and forsake all sinful living, decide to follow Jesus be determined to live according to his standards so that you can be a part of his world when you leave here. To be rich and wealthy is good but no matter how wealthy you become you are leaving this planet naked! That is the truth. A hundred years here is nothing compared to eternity. Live your life here without forgetting eternity that God has placed in your heart. If you have not decided to follow this Loving Jesus why don’t you do so now. Just scroll up to the top of this web page and click on ‘meet with Christ’ follow the instructions there. God bless you richly!


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God’s Grand Purpose for you

“Put ye in the sickle for the harvest is ripe; come get ye down for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision; for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision”-Joel 3:13-14

Many people do not know God’s agenda for the earth. This is the agenda that Jesus came to establish on earth; to make it easy for men to hook up with this agenda. And what is this agenda? This agenda is God’s agenda of kingdom building. The truth is that God is building his kingdom the kingdom of righteousness where Jesus the Just shall be ruling as King.

There is a battle for souls here on the earth, while God expects his children here on earth to preach the gospel to the lost so that they can come into his kingdom, Satan is also struggling to take many souls with him down to perdition. This earth is a temporary abode for every man that comes here. You are not sent here to just live in fine houses, enjoy the good things of life and then grow old and die. No matter how rich any man is materially, he cannot take anything with him as he goes to the long home. This is to make clear to us that God’s purpose of creating people and sending them here goes beyond that.

“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand forever”-Daniel 2:44

Every man and woman coming into this world is here to come to know Jesus who is the King of this kingdom and who alone is also the judge of the living and the dead. That’s why he called himself the Way, the Truth and the Life. For he is the way into the kingdom, the truth about life and the one that gives you the eternal life which the first Adam lost in the garden of Eden. Your purpose here is to put yourself on God’s side and begin to join hands in bringing people into this kingdom. The valley of decision that the prophet Joel spoke about in the opening bible text is the earth. This is where you make your decision either for God or for Satan.

Satan’s time here on earth is short so he is using every means possible to draw people with himself. He uses books, websites, entertainment, false religion, television and movies and what have you to deceive men, waste their time and life so that they can miss making the right decisions to follow Jesus.

There is day that shall come called the day of the Lord; that is when men will stop coming into this earth and the opportunity to enter into God’s kingdom of righteousness by believing in Jesus shall be closed as it is written; “And at that time shall Michael stand up, that great prince which standeth for the children of thy people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time; and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life and some to shame and contempt. And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever”-Daniel 12:1-3

Beloved my prayer for you is that you be among those that shall shine as the brightness of the firmament. Follow Jesus the Christ today. God bless you richly!

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Jesus the same

“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever”-Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ; unchanging, irreplaceable, resurrected, Immanuel (God with us) He is the mediator of the new and everlasting covenant. He is the Lord of all and savior of the world. In fact he is salvation in full. Many people even Christians get angry when some other Christians talk so much about Jesus, adore him and worship him. Their reason is that we have given the place of Jehovah to Jesus Christ. But the truth is that Jesus Christ himself told us  and I quote; I and the father are one: and again he said; ‘no one gets to the father except by me”

Now, what does Jesus Christ mean by all these sayings? First and foremost it means that when we are one with the Lord Jesus in the spirit we are at the same time one with God. He did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.

Jesus is the judge of both the living and the dead. He holds the key of death and the grave. In the realm of the spirit there is really no separation between the living and the dead. But the good news is that Jesus alone is the one ordained by the Most High God to be in charge of activities in heaven. Earth and under the earth which is the realm of the dead.

Jesus is called the good shepherd of the sheep. We are the sheep of his pasture and many a times as innocent sheep those in Christ may go astray and Satan may want to take advantage of them to destroy them but Jesus the good shepherd and Bishop of our souls will come quickly to our rescue.

Jesus is the Word of God. That’s why the more of the word of God you have inside of you the more of his presence and power you carry. The word of God is God’s truth. It is the truth that has been fulfilled, that is happening now and that is yet to happen. All who believe God’s truth in their heart and vocalize it over their lives are always saved. This is what brings salvation from sicknesses, death and all kinds of affliction. It is the word of God that brings about what many call miracles. When Satan sends tribulation to trouble people, he is so sure that the evil he has proposed to happen to God’s children will surely come to pass. But since God has the final say and his word is the law that heaven and earth must obey, therefore any of such God’s children that can hold on to what God has written down and speak such words over their lives will definitely see situations turn around for their good to the disappointment of the evil one and his cohorts. For it is written; there shall no evil befall thee neither shall any plague come near your dwelling (Psalm. 91:10). This is why Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith did not rot in the grave, because it was written down concerning him that God will not allow his holy one to see corruption. Stay blessed as you stay in the word Jesus.

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What to do if Unemployment Hits

And the word of the Lord came unto him saying: get thee hence and turn thee eastward and hide thyself by the brook Cherith that is before Jordan. And it shall be that thou shall drink of the brook: and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there. So he went and did according unto the word of the Lord…..and it came to pass after a while that the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land-1 Kings 17:2-5,7

If your brook dries up

A brook is a place where God placed you. God may have led you there by his word, by his power or by his divine guidance. A brook is a place of still waters, a place where you are sustained. It could be a job or a business from where you were making a living. What you must realize is that God is the one who always leads people to their brook. As stated in Psalms 23, when the Lord the shepherd leads you, you never lack anything. He leads you beside still waters-the brook. And as revealed in the beginning bible text; Elijah the prophet was directed to the brook Cherith by the word of the Lord. The word of the Lord is one major way by which he leads. Many were led to their brook by divine guidance though they didn’t even know it.

In the midst of a depressed economy Elijah was supernaturally sustained. Ravens brought him bread morning and night and he drank of the brook. But suddenly the brook dried up. Somehow a young man or woman that has been enjoying a well paying job is suddenly laid off. A once thriving business suddenly experiences a downturn. Elijah in his own case waited for the word of the Lord again. The word of the Lord is God’s instructions from heaven.

Now if unemployment hits or you experience a business downturn know that its time to sit down with God to hear his word to you personally. Be attentive, listen in the spirit. Now retrace your steps, what things did you do before you got that job? Those who get breakthroughs again and again are spiritually vigilante. Elijah knew that he was directed to the brook in the first place by the word of the Lord. So when the brook dried up he did not go away hastily or begin to bind and loose demons; he waited for the word of the Lord again. In your own case maybe you prayed intensely, made a lot of moves talking with people, submitting CV’s, went for more training to acquire more skills, attended business seminars etc.

There was a time I experienced such a thing, I sat down to reflect and wrote down all the things I did that brought me the initial breakthrough; I remembered that I spent time serving in my local Church, I took whatever job I could lay my hands on at that time to keep my family going knowing that God hates idleness, even as I was praying. Then I raised an altar of sacrifice; this means I released some precious material possession into God’s work, and I waited while speaking God’s word over my life constantly. The breakthrough came unexpectedly and I was elevated to a higher and a better paying job to the glory of God!

In waiting for God’s next leadings don’t expect him to do it exactly the way he did it the first time; like for example Elijah waiting to be directed to another brook ‘Lerith’. But God did a new thing this time around. I see him do the same for you in Jesus name! God has a thousand and one solutions to your challenge. He said; ‘behold I do a new thing’-Isaiah 43:19. Elijah this time was directed to a poor widow that was about to eat her last meal and lie down to die in hopelessness, she and her son. God again wanted to prove to Elijah that the ravens that brought him bread at the brook was not his source. They were just a channel of blessings. In the same way your job or business is just a channel. God is your inexhaustible source. God may lead you to a most unlikely job or business and as you obey him there he would make you become great! God rewards obedience, he blesses steps of obedience. You may be thinking of how to get another job or bring your business back to life but God is thinking how to bring you to a place of massive financial breakthrough which others will benefit from.

So in a time of economic downturn or unemployment, know that God maybe ushering you into a new season; for the old must stop for the new to begin (see Hebrews 10:9). This is not the time to panic. Sit down and recollect the good steps you took before. Know that you are not trusting in men or looking unto them but unto God the word for that is where your help come from (see Psalm 121). He did it before and he shall do it again. Year 2017 is your season to enjoy mind boggling, ear tingling breakthroughs! Shalom!

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Why Was He Born?

….I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly-John 10:10b

Many are celebrating to day the coming into the world of the savior Jesus the Christ. Even pagans join in the celebration. Some are celebrating by drinking to stupor, some celebrate by engaging in all forms of immorality. Many try to give themselves a good meal and spend good time with their families. But friend do you know why Jesus was born? In this journey of your life have you sat down to really try to know for yourself why Jesus came into the world? I for one do not celebrate Christmas per se but I celebrate Jesus every day for making me come to know the power of the living God Jehovah. In this short write up I’ll try to make the reader know why Jesus was born so that they can take advantage of the opportunity given to them to fulfill destiny.

Jesus is Word of God spoken through the mouth of the prophets of old, the word of hope, salvation and redemption. The word that was with God in the beginning with which he created the universe and all that dwell in it. He is the word that came to pass before now, that is being fulfilled now and that is to come. God still sends Jesus to us every day; how? You may ask, each time he sends you his word he is sending him your way. And what is the mission of Jesus in the world? He said: ‘I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly’.

His purpose has been made clear to you, that you can have life in abundance. Friend you can have life in abundance. To have life in abundance means to be filled with the fullness of God bodily. Many are breathing, moving about but they don’t really have life. Many have money which is good but they do not really have life. To have life means to be in charge, to be in control of the affairs of your life in every way. To have life is to live your life on purpose; not being a victim of the thief satan whose mission is to steal, kill and destroy. To have life means to always enjoy the powers of the world to come here and now. To have life is to live with a knowing that God will never fail you nor disappoint you.

Friend, are you just celebrating today because others are doing so? God is not religious neither does he judge men by their doctrinal beliefs. But he rewards those who seek him diligently (Hebrews 11:6). Your life is an opportunity to seek and hunger after Jesus the living word of God who loves you above everyone else. Who is not interested in your continuous suffering, sighing, wallowing in pain and distress. He desires that you shine and reign in life in your own path of life which his hands crafted exclusively for you (Psalm 16:11). Every star shines and differs from the other in glory (see 1 Corinthians 15:41).

He was sent by God to break the seals over the word (the bible) by his blood (see Revelation 5:1-5). So that by looking into the word constantly you come to know your divine right and who you ought to be in Christ. And you receive grace to become. As it is written ‘as many as received him to them he gave power to become the sons of God’ (John 1:12). There are so much treasures hidden in Christ that men especially the African race is yet to take advantage of (see Colossians 1:26-27). Christ is the wisdom of God that brings about elevation and development of man in every way; be it scientifically, spiritually, socially, mentally or psychologically. Are you a Christian? Stop playing church or religion. Get to know Jesus the word by studying the scriptures every day and listening to God-inspired bible teachers then your eyes shall be opened to see the treasures hidden in Christ Jesus. And as you take your part in him, you won’t wait for only Christmas day to celebrate God in him. Now you want to know Jesus? The starting point is scrolling to the top of this webpage now and click on ‘meet with Christ’ then follow the instructions there. The God that has made you see the end of this year shall make you see the end of 2017 and beyond! Shalom!


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How to Come Out of Confusion

‘God is not the author of confusion but of peace’-1 Corinthians 14:33

Confusion is the opposite of understanding. To be confused means to be perplexed, not knowing what to do or the right steps to take per time. Confusion results in indecision, motionlessness, making blunders and stagnation. Confusion is of satan the devil; for God is not the author of confusion but of peace. Fear and confusion go hand in hand, for where one is the other could be found. Confusion results in disillusionment. It is a state of mind caused by partial paralysis of the mind. It is a negative spirit sent from the pit of hell to render destinies impotent. Confusion is caused by either one, some or all of the following:

-A lack of direction

-A lack of vision

-A prolonged deliberate refusal to make a decision on pressing issues

-Constantly revisiting issues in the mind after decisions have been taken concerning them.

The number one step in eliminating confusion is to eliminate fear. The fear of whatever you are afraid of must be eliminated. It could be fear of failure either in business ventures, academic pursuits, marriage or the fear of failing if you make a kind of move. Some people fear mockery, some cannot speak or express themselves for fear of making mistakes. You eliminate this kind of fear by becoming convinced that there is a higher being who loves you and is always ready to help you. You must bring yourself to trust always in this God. The character of God is that he is ever faithful, ever present, always trustworthy and will never flee and leave his sheep (you) stranded anytime. Then in addition to this attitude of trust; know that you are human and no human being is entirely free from failings and shortcomings.

In life, there is a natural phenomenon known as falling. This most times provokes laughter from onlookers. Laughter is an involuntary emotional reaction to a funny situation. So you too should learn to laugh even at yourself sometimes; even God the almighty laughs (see Psalm 2:4). Sometimes it is not that great people do not fall or make mistakes, it is just that they quickly take themselves up if they do so (see Proverbs 24:16). I have discovered that when you laugh at times it helps you replace in your mind the negative emotions of fear with courage and hope. And if there is no fear in your mind there cannot be confusion. Then your self-confidence stemming from your trust in God becomes a background for God to send you understanding always. For it is the inspiration of the almighty that gives understanding. Don’t take life too seriously. People who do so are rarely free from depression, anguish, frustrations and depression. You shall not be confused in Jesus name!

Also folks who think that their achievement in life is by their own strength may find themselves in great confusion if some calamity happen to befall them which beats that strength they trusted in all along. You are what you are by God’s grace. This was the mindset of the man Job that’s why he was never confused despite  satan brought him down to zero from such a lofty height in life; he was the greatest man from the orient in his days! If you acknowledge the fact always that you are what you are by God’s grace then in case the unpalatable happens, God’s grace is always sufficient for you. As you read this page, you are liberated from the plague of confusion in Jesus name! In the name of Jesus, the power of the Most High God helps you to take up your true sound mind status in Christ Jesus now, and so shall it be in Jesus name!

So in taking steps forward in life, always tell yourself as you do so, “I shall not see shame in Jesus name or “I shall come out successful and victorious in Jesus name’ And God shall make it happen for you so. And in case you do not have a personal relationship with the Lord scroll to the top of this webpage and click on ‘meet with Christ’. Go through the instructions there. Stay always blessed and on top of every situation. Shalom!

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Reverting Negative Reports

Source: Reverting Negative Reports

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